Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where To Find HD Trailers Online

With the ever changing world of technology, the visual experience has jettisoned to a new platform of High Definition. High Definition refers to video that has an extremely higher resolution than standard TV. With the advent of computers and their High Definition capable monitors, consumers are finding out they can actually watch HD movie trailers online! Here I am going to list the best places on the world wide web to watch these eye pleasing visuals.

One of the most popular websites to watch HD trailers is Apple.com/trailers. Offering a vast array of movie trailers from very popular known films to the independent arena, this website is known for getting movie trailers early and often. Most of the trailers have the option to view in HD. One drawback of this site is that the HD trailers are in Apples own Quicktime format, although a quick download will allow you to watch the clips.

www.hd-trailers.net is a website that touts its self as the best place on the web to download HD trailers. So not only can you simply view the HD trailers but also download and save these clips. There are current films, past movies, and upcoming releases. Also a great Top 10 section which showcases the most popular HD trailers currently on the web. hd-trailers.net also has a blog to keep you up to date on the new releases to the format.

One of the most visited websites on the world wide web is www.yahoo.com. Yahoo also has a movie trailer site that features a HD section featuring High Definition ready movie previews. Yahoo might have the most HD trailers on the net because a quick look on the site will show you they have plenty of choices to choose from. Also on yahoo.com you can check showtimes and buy tickets right there from the site.

The popular ticket selling site, www.moviefone.com also has a HD trailer section located at www.moviefone.com/hd-movie-trailers. The good thing about this site is not only can you watch an High Definition trailer, you can also purchase your tickets in advance to save time at the actual box office.

Using any one of these sites your eyes will thank you for the candy you are about to feed them. Enjoy yourself and watch as many as you can!

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