Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three Places to Find Movie Showtimes Online

In the recent decade, the movie going experience has seen a flourish of technological growth. One of the many avenues that has changed the theater is the advent of the Internet. This article will give you insight on the top three places to find movie showtimes online. Including the world most popular website,, also, and finally After reading this informative article you will easily know where you should go to get the fastest and best movie showtimes online. is world-wide known as the best search engine on the planet. One cool thing Google also does is provide local movie show times. When a user types in a movies name into its search engine, Google will provide local movie showtimes within the first search results as well as information about the movie. One drawback of using Google alone though is that you cannot purchase the tickets right there like you might be able to with the other options out there. But as far as quickness, Google is definitely the fastest for finding your desired showtime.

One of the best known online movie ticket resources is Fandango gained mass popularity and company growth during the companies first few years of launch. Along with finding movie show times online, also allows you to purchase your ticket right there from the comfort of your own home. By utilizing this feature, customers can bypass long lines and avoid frustration that might occur in large cities and metropolitan areas. When a ticket is purchased online, once the customer arrives at the theater a ticket will be printed out right there on the spot. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. As well as the ticket buying service, on their site fandango gives reviews and articles concerning the movie industry.

Another similar company to fandango is the famed Originally and currently a telephone based service used to gain local showtime information, the business has migrated online to provide more detailed services. On you can buy advance tickets and receive some of the most up to date movie showtimes online. Featuring a robust online page including reviews and articles and contest, is a great place to find the information you need.

If you just want the quickest option, go with Google, but if you need a more robust feature set, go with either or to find movie show times online, and even buy your tickets!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where To Find HD Trailers Online

With the ever changing world of technology, the visual experience has jettisoned to a new platform of High Definition. High Definition refers to video that has an extremely higher resolution than standard TV. With the advent of computers and their High Definition capable monitors, consumers are finding out they can actually watch HD movie trailers online! Here I am going to list the best places on the world wide web to watch these eye pleasing visuals.

One of the most popular websites to watch HD trailers is Offering a vast array of movie trailers from very popular known films to the independent arena, this website is known for getting movie trailers early and often. Most of the trailers have the option to view in HD. One drawback of this site is that the HD trailers are in Apples own Quicktime format, although a quick download will allow you to watch the clips. is a website that touts its self as the best place on the web to download HD trailers. So not only can you simply view the HD trailers but also download and save these clips. There are current films, past movies, and upcoming releases. Also a great Top 10 section which showcases the most popular HD trailers currently on the web. also has a blog to keep you up to date on the new releases to the format.

One of the most visited websites on the world wide web is Yahoo also has a movie trailer site that features a HD section featuring High Definition ready movie previews. Yahoo might have the most HD trailers on the net because a quick look on the site will show you they have plenty of choices to choose from. Also on you can check showtimes and buy tickets right there from the site.

The popular ticket selling site, also has a HD trailer section located at The good thing about this site is not only can you watch an High Definition trailer, you can also purchase your tickets in advance to save time at the actual box office.

Using any one of these sites your eyes will thank you for the candy you are about to feed them. Enjoy yourself and watch as many as you can!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Are Movie Rental Boxes A Passing Fad Or The Future Of Home Movie Entertainment?

There have been claims made that movie rental boxes are taking over the home movie entertainment business. Many traditional movie rental businesses are closing up shop, but are these boxes going to replace the movie rental store as we know it? The boxes tend to be more convenient since they are easy to setup in many locations, however the wait times to rent a movie can be long or longer than going to the actual video store. Also while movie rental boxes are cheaper tending to cost $1 per night, they can end up becoming more expensive in the long run. This article will explore this topic more in-depth.

These movie rental boxes are everywhere. We've seen them in grocery stores, shopping centers, and they are now sprouting up at gas stations. Setting up a movie rental box only costs tens of thousands of dollars while setting up a movie store franchise can cost hundreds of thousands. This has made them very attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs, however what does it mean for the consumer? The fact is, is that even though these things are everywhere, selecting a movie from them can be an extremely lengthy process. You could end up waiting longer in line at a movie rental box than going to the actual video store. But it doesn't stop there, here's what else you need to know.

These movie rental boxes main selling point is that they only cost $1 per night to rent a movie. However, this can be very misleading and is really a creative marketing ploy which makes these boxes extremely profitable to their owners. Because its only $1 per night many consumers engaged in busy lives will hold onto these movies for a week or more racking up more charges. While the average video store charges about $6 for 4 to 5 days of rental time, buying into the “its only a $1 per night” can end up costing you in the long run.

While the movie rental boxes are becoming more and more popular it will be up to us as consumers to see if they do or do not become a mainstay. While they are easily accessible, wait times can be longer than the video store, and you also don't get human customer support if there is a problem. While they are extremely cheap, you could end up paying more if you aren't prompt in returning the films you've rented back to the box. So bear these things in mind next time you see a movie rental box, and happy movie watching!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pacific Miniseries-Reflection and Comment

As a member of a family which had several members fighting in WW2, I had always been brought up to appreciate the efforts of the Allied forces in fighting and winning this epic world conflict. My father, age 17 when the war ended, lived in occupied France and actually was put to work for the German Army during his breaks from school. My fathers older brother was a pilot for the free French and flew the Halifax bomber out of England(killed in action April 1945). Another Uncle(on my mothers side) flew Spitfires towards the end of the war. Both my father and my surviving uncle went on to be successful pilots in their careers, but my father never let me forget the grand struggle in both Europe and the Pacific.

Today I have a great admiration and respect for all veterans and especially the soon to disappear WW2 Vets.

In 2001, I watched the Tom Hanks miniseries 'Band of Brothers' with my father. We watched every episode as it aired, and my father was quick to provide follow-ups on what Europe was really like during the occupation.

This year, The new miniseries 'The Pacific' started airing March 14th, and wouldn't you know, I was standing right by to watch and record it.

This year was also a sad one for me as my father passed away in October,2009 at age 81, so I'm left watching the second installment of the WW2 saga without him and with deep regret. But I'm not alone, as my 9 year old son will be watching the series with me.

What will I teach him about honor and how our predecessors happily joined the military to push back the tyranny of Japan and the Third Reich? Will I instill in him a sense of duty to his country as his family members had?And will I teach him that he will be able to be and do whatever he wants to here with hard work.
The answer...yes.

I live in the United States of America...The greatest country on earth and am proud to watch these stories of courage and valor. American soldiers are buried all over the globe as they fought on foreign soil to preserve Democracy.

War is certainly not desired, but if its necessary, you will not find a better opponent than the United States of America.

As Admiral Yamamoto commented to his adjutants when they told him of the massive damage that was inflicted on battleship row by his 1st and 2nd waves of aerial attack on December 7th, 1941..he stoicly responded..." I fear we have awoken a sleeping Giant"..
This couldn't have been more true then as it could be today.

Over the next few weeks I'll try and summarize my views of 'The Pacific' as the episodes roll on, so stay tuned for more commentary and reflection.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Choice for Online DVD Rental Comparisons in UK

Hello All,
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With the service, the user is able to go to their site and quickly and easily compare online DVD rental costs, etc by entering some simple information and with a touch of a button,pull up a comparison sheet
of all of the DVD rentals available. Fast,easy,and convenient.

Did I mention they also perform online video game comparisons as well?So go ahead and check out their DVD rentals,and begin getting the best offers on online DVD and game rentals.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Twilight Movie Review

Twilight movie is one of the latest movies which have its theme based on the book that was written by Stephanie Meyer who is also featured in the same movie. It was actually released in the Philippines way back in November of 2009 and it stars such movie stars as Robert Pattison as Edward and Kristen steward who is featured as Bella. Since its production it has been doing quite well as its casting is cool enough that one can easily derive the theme and meaning of the movie.

Different from the Edward(main vampire character) presented in the book who appears to be confident, perfect and cool at all the times, Edward in the movie is quite anxious and appears uncomfortable at all times. But as the movie continues, he seems to be moved closer to Bella simply because of her behavior through the film. Based on the fact that Edward is handsome, this gives him the advantage of moving even closer to meeting the woman he has always been dreaming of.

Despite the point that Edward is a vampire, this did not actually stop Bella from falling in love with him, something that most people will be intrigued with when watching the movie. In a normal situation, you will realize that once an individual come to learn about the evil deeds practiced by the person you love, their relationship will come to an abrupt end, but the producer of this film/ tackles this differently. Bella still dreams of Edward every night despite having learned about his impureness and so many other evil deeds.

The producer of the twilight movie also uses the music throughout the movie very well. The provision of lullaby songs for Bella is absolutely amazing as it adds to the uniqueness in the film production from other common movie making. The producer of this great movie uses two very important aspect of styles; suspense and romance which eventually bring out the quality production which makes one great movie that you will never want to miss. Therefore in case you really want to enhance all that you have been reading in the twilight book, then you should actually watch this great movie produced by a renowned producer from the Philippine movie style. Watching the Twilight movie will always make you want to watch more from this great producer as it pushes you to the edge of your seat. New Moon(Twilight 2) has also released and promises to continue where this original film leaves off.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

In Memorium - Peter Graves

Peter Graves, best known for his roles in the 1960s series Mission Impossible as well as the movie Airplane, died of a heart attack at his home in Pacific Palisades, Calififornia today.

Although he played it cool in Mission: Impossible, it was that unerring smooth nature that he made fun of in movies like Airplane! and even in a Geico car commercial.

Peter was born Peter Aurness in Minneapolis, and served in the Army Air Forces from 1944-45 before studying drama at the University of Minnesota. He then followed his older brother to Hollywood. His first movie was Rogue River in 1950.

He then changed his last name so he wouldn’t be confused with his brother, and transitioned into to films like Stalag 17, Night of the Hunter, Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell and Long Gray Line, among others. He also starred in TV show Fury from 1955-59.

One of his most memorable roles as Jim Phelps on the Mission: Impossible series on TV lasted from 1967-73, and then again from 1988-90.
He is survived by his wife, Joan Graves, and three daughters, Amanda Lee Graves, Claudia King Graves and Kelly Jean Graves. Peter will be dearly missed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Movie Review-2012

The year 2009 saw some great movies being released – Avatar, 2012, The Hangover and alike. Of these, two movies have created a large amount of commotion and furor among audiences – Avatar and 2012. 2012 is a Sci-Fi and future oriented movie which is based on the doomsday prediction according to the Mayan Calendar and fortune tellers.

The Columbia Pictures release, 2012 directed by Roland Emmerich, the director of Independence Day fame created a lot of craze before its release after its previews and trailers. This film is based on the predictions made by the Mayan Calendar stating the world will face a changing landscape due to a geomagnetic transformation which happens as a result of a synchronizing activity from the sun. The film stars are John Cusack, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover, Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt. Though the director himself has stated that he is skeptical about such happenings, he made the movie out of passion and to make people realize what it would be like if doomsday really happened.

The movie has high special effects that keeps your spine chilling as you watch the land creating craters due to heavy earthquake activity, high tides throwing objects and chaos all around.

The movie deals with the popular subject on how a geomagnetic reversal on earth would cause an abrupt catastrophe which would lead the earth’s tectonic plates shifting more than usual would bring an end to the world as we know it. There are, however, some flaws in the plot where the luck of the protagonist is shown so well that the widening earth just misses them by seconds when they are driving. These special effects which are generated create a bit of a comic feeling rather than creating terror in the audiences minds. But in addition to the main character and his families escapades in the movie, the horrific devastating scenes across the world create some real terror to viewers and you are compelled to think what will happen if something like this really happens on earth.
Earthquakes devastating cities, tsunamis wiping out coastal cities, and volcanic activities really playing havoc on all manmade creations and nature’s beauty are terribly visualized by Emmerich. He has always been a master when it comes to showing apocalyptic effects.

If you have not watched the movie just have a look at the trailer and find out how earth-shattering it actually is. It is overall a good movie to watch at home with family and friends.Check out the DVD release or Blu-Ray release to enjoy the real effects.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mission Impossible 3 reaches record sales in Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray is a technological marvel in the world of movies and entertainment as the format can hold nearly six times of what a DVD can hold. It has brought a revolution to movie watching at home. In just a small span of time Blu-Ray has been able to catch the attention of movie audiences. Lots of popular movies have been released in HD DVD,a competing format. There are many movies that have been released in Blu-ray and few other consumer movie formats can reach the popularity of Blu-ray. There is one movie which has achieved record sales on Blu-ray and that is none other than agent Ethan Hunt’s Mission Impossible 3.

Mission Impossible 3 once released in Blu-ray began flying off the shelves and reached thousands of homes. It has actually becoming harder to find in Blu-ray due to the high volume of Blu-ray sales. One report indicated that nearly 35,000 Blu-ray discs have been sold in a period of days. This is a record for Blu-ray discs. With such record sales it seems that Blu-ray’s future is getting brighter and brighter, and Tom Cruise is still a reigning star among audiences.

The record sale of Mission Impossible 3 proves that this hunk as agent Ethan Hunt is loved by movie audiences and they love to see him in action doing his typical spine chilling actions.

Mission Impossible 3 is an action powered, entertainment film filled with adrenaline pumping action scenes where you will find Ethan Hunt no longer doing his field work of completing missions but training agents instead. He has already developed a kind of personal life and is engaged to Julia(his fiance) who doesn’t know the true nature of the work her would-be husband does.

While during his engagement, the spy has been assigned yet another mission impossible and he chooses to accept and reunites with his buddy Luther. Along the way of the plot, new members of the team Hunt and Luther set out to complete the mission where they need to rescue a kidnapped agent and bring down the evil villain Owen.

As the movie progresses, Julia learns that her husband has nothing to do with his alleged job when she gets taken hostage by Owen Davian who loves killing people rather than engaging in small talk. Now Owen wants Hunt to do what he wants otherwise his wife will be murdered. Hunt is given 48 hours to complete the mission. Will he able to do that and rescue Julia? Find out in the Blu-ray Mission Impossible 3.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Comedy Movies of 2009

Some most-expected drama movies and action movies failed to draw audiences to the theater, but the comedies of 2009 were well able to do good box office business. Perhaps the recession and economic downturn make people seek laughter during these stress-filled times. Though a few of the comedies of 2009 didn’t have that aura which makes them in the list of funniest movies ever, except Hangover, they somehow kept the box office ringing.

Here is my list of the best comedy movies of 2009:

The Hangover:

This movie by Warner Bros Pictures has earned good money, but not, off course like Avatar. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms in ‘The Hangover’ could keep you laughing for along time. The movie received great reviews and appreciation from different corners of the world. It has been a smash hit worldwide. The film could set a new record for an R-rated comedy, crashing the record set by Beverly Hills Cop nearly 25 years ago. A loud funny movie that every bachelor who wishes to go for a wild bachelors party must watch.


Columbia Pictures released this apocalyptic zombie film which put up stiff competition to ‘The Hangover’. The way Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg fight each other is really hysterical. A smart script, good acting by newcomers like Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin add flavor to the tone of this comedy. It is a kind of perfect escape from reality and you will have fun watching this movie at home with friends.

Fantastic Mr. Fox:

This is a Fox Searchlight release and is directed by Wes Anderson. Although the trailer didn’t raise that much initial interest with the audiences, the movie didn’t disappoint at the theater. There is nothing too freaky in the plot, and the movie comes to life as you watch it. This is an animated film for adults as the humor is a bit too much over the heads of the kid crowd. A witty and highly entertaining movie for the 2009 movie year!


This is another animated movie from Disney/Pixar. Millions already have fallen in love with the old fellow who flies with balloons and the small obnoxious kid explorer who accompanies the old man on this adventure. The movie is touching and funny, and the animation is gorgeous to look at. It takes you on an emotional journey as well as keeps tickling your funny side to make you stick to the screen.

500 Days of Summer:

Another release from Fox Searchlight. This is a romantic comedy and one of the best intelligent romantic comedies of the 2009 film year! Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hard working greeting card writer who believes in love at first sight while Zooey Deschanel a free-spirited woman doesn’t. find out what clicks between the two in this comedy.

Some other comedy movies worth watching of 2009 are 'The Proposal', 'The Informant' and 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.' All should not disappoint.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Top 4 Scary Movies That You Cannot Forget

What good scary movie doesn’t leave you feel really afraid to remain alone at home or move to a dark bathroom at night? If you haven’t experienced any scary sensations after watching a scary movie, you need to check out the top 4 scariest/ horror movies of all time. These 4 horror movies are considered the top scary movies of all time. This list is a little subjective and hence, the possibility exists you may not like them. So some pleasant advice – please go through the movie trailers of the horror movie you are considering seeing to determine if it is really worth watching .
There are some elements that make a horror movie worth watching. There are many horror movies which seem nothing more than comic movies. The movies worth watching are the ones which are pulse pounding, riveting, and unnerving and get you to really become squeezed inside a blanket on bed or squirming on your seat. These movies create the best scary experience and make you really feel reluctant to go outside alone or stay alone. The four scary movies discussed below are considered the top scary movies of all time.
A scary movie need not always be full of ghosts and apparitions. It can be anything like alien or a psycho killer or anything that creates some kind of spooky feeling inside you as you see one. Given below are four top scary movies of all time.


Though this is not an ghost-style movie but an outer space alien movie, it has every element of a scary movie. The sci-fi horror movie has some spine chilling scenes which are sure to frighten you. The ship in the movie is in outer space and is infiltrated by monsters which all lend to create a truly horror feeling. It makes you feel glad that you are not the character in that ship. The horrifying scenes of alien monsters killing each member of the crew with sound effects make your spine shrill.

The Exorcist:

This is another scary movie that you need to see. This movie is in the list of all time best horror movies and is a must see. The movie has some uniqueness and because the story is based on true events, the movie makes you more frightened to find the small girl possessed by evil souls. The movie has been made in conventional storytelling style and creates a sense of fear in the audience.


In the discussion of horror movies Halloween finds a prominent position for its spooky scenes and fear filled shrieks.Follow Michael Meyers on his quest for revenge. Another must see.

A Nightmare on Elm Street:

There are lots of horrifying turns in this movie to make you frightened and the storytelling style make it a real horror flick. Freddie Cruger never ceases to frighten us with his horror. Highly recommended.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Die Hard Movie Series Launched in Blu-Ray

Die Hard stands out as the famous action packed series of Bruce Willis as the New York Cop John McClane. This movie is among the best action films of the past Two-and-a-half decades. Every one of the movies of the Die Hard series have become launched in DVD and Blu-Ray discs. The famous quote belonging to the movie – “I’m at the wrong place at wrong time”, isn't unfamiliar to Die Hard fans.

Once when Die Hard was considered among the best trilogies till the final film within the series, Die Hard-Live Free or Die Hard, was launched which surpassed box office expectations. People feared that it might be the worst movie of the Die Hard Series, however with the special effects and good direction , Die Hard 4. won accolades with its strict storyline that deals with the next threat to America.

Now everyone enjoys the Die Hard Collection at home in Blu-ray format. In the first three movies he was a regular cop who utilizes his physical strength and presence of mind to successfully navigate throughout the hardest of situations.

Within the last episode it had been expected that Bruce Willis’ s character would be the smart detective who understands how to play the intelligence game, but he still remains the original bullheaded police detective who knows two things – his guns and his guts. Because of this perhaps, Bruce Willis is usually considered among the best action hero actors of Hollywood, though he might not fly and kick just like a ninja, he can drop a thug using a punch from his hand.

Every episode from the Die Hard film series is loved by action lovers as well as normal cinema lovers due to brilliant acting, strong story plot, sleek editing, suspense, superb action shots, and off course. the man, Bruce Willis. Because he is always in a position where he is helpless and must either live or die, the viewers always root for McClane. Typically he must kill or either get killed in an effort to complete the plot.

All films from the Die Hard series are now in Blu-ray and they are presented in the original 2.35 aspect ratio in addition to being encoded in MPEG4 AVC at 1080p resolution. The image is intact in the Blu-Ray edition and the film includes great enhanced color. The flesh tones are accurate and shadow details are also good. This is essential for films that occur mostly at night or in dark environments. The very first episode from the series filmed some twenty years ago won't have that slick presentation that you will get with Blu-ray, however, you can have better display quality and good viewing experience over the original format.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movie Star Leonardo DiCaprio’s Slashing Suspect, Will Face Trial

A crazy story is finally heading for conclusion in court! It is reported that former model Aretha Wilson, 39 has been taken into custody in Ontario and will be extradited to the United States. Apparently , Aretha went berserk on Leonardo DiCaprio sometime in 2005 at some house party hosted by Pamela Anderson’s recent ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon in the Hollywood Hills. The resulting slash on his face with a cocktail glass and the injury was so grave that DiCaprio had to get 17 itches from face to ear.

At that time, she was arrested and charged for an assault with a deadly weapon that could take one’s life. But she was out on bail and she clandestinely fled the country. TMZ reported that she proceeded with the same event with her boyfriend as well when she smashed a glass bottle on his head. According to a filing by the Los Angeles County prosecutor, DiCaprio is expected to testify that Aretha swung a drinking glass at him at the party in June of 2005. Wilson at that time was involved with one of DiCaprio’s friends and the actor told authorities that she started shouting profanities at him and he replied with expectations that she would stop that.

But she became more agitated and aggressive. And as he tried to walk away she splashed that glass of cocktail on his back. As DiCaprio turned to face Wilson he saw Wilson swinging the glass that stuck the left side of his face.

For a long time she escaped the hands of law, but how long? She was finally arrested and extradited to the US. She might have thought that after five years law would forget her and wouldn’t be able to catch her.

Just last week she was taken into custody in Ontario, Canada
and it is said that she agreed to come to the US to face the legal battle and trouble against her.

Right now what fate has in its store for Aretha is uncertain.What DiCaprio has to say to her arrest is not known as the actor was not available for comment on the matter. Has DiCaprio forgiven Aretha? Will he come to the courtroom or what will happen still remains a mystery.
All we can do is wait for the day the court makes a decision and give a hearing. Poor Aretha
she must have been passing some mental sickness to do that to such a handsome hunk!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

‘Inglorious Basterds’ Movie Wins Top SAG Award

Beyond everyone’s expectations that Avatar would be judged the best movie, Inglorious Basterds moved with the last smile at the SAG awards. The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards too looked an awful lot like the recent Golden Globe awards but there was no Ricky Gervais. In 2010 the Golden Globes Ceremony were hosted by Gervais and it was really a disaster based on feedback after the show! The various reports are going on about the colossal disaster that was brought on by Gervais and his “bland” humor.

Almost all the movie actors and awardees received honors in their respective fields like they did in the Golden Globes, sans James Cameron’s Avatar which is a blockbuster and has been able to surpass all records in his collection and just broke the collection record of Titanic which didn’t please the selection jury of the Screen Actors Guild. It was unconventional director Quentin Tarantino’s World War II epic movie, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ that won the top prize and was awarded the best movie of the year. The ceremony this year at the Shrine Exhibition Hall was a magnanimous affair amidst outstanding ensemble.

Though there are drastic difference between thoughts over movies between the Oscars and SAG, but over the years the Guild Honors are a strong bellwether for the prestigious Academy Awards. And if this years selection of Inglorious Basterds, the movie about a group of Jewish soldiers fighting the Nazis, is actually as good as its cracked up to be, it should be a front-runner for quite a few Academy Award nominations for 2010, including best film.

If this recent nomination is the legacy and believed opinion then perhaps actors like Sandra Bullock, Jeff Bridges, Mo'Nique and Christoph Waltz might wish themselves to make some room on their mantles for some potential Oscars. All four actors took home their first SAG awards and such honors actually have given them a hope to become strong Academy Award contenders.

The 2010 SAG event was televised on TNT and TBS from the Shrine Exhibition Hall in downtown Los Angeles. The Lifetime Achievement Award; the most prestigious and highest honor of the event was bestowed on 88-year-old Betty White with standing ovations.

After receiving the award the acceptance speech was tinged with a few zingers and her really natural comic timing. On a more serious note, she really fought back her tears in exhilaration and said, "I should be presenting an award to you for the privilege of working in this business…you still can't get rid of me. I just turned 88 last Sunday and I still have lots to do….This is the highest point of my entire professional life….thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Legion" - Movie Review

‘Angels with machine guns!’…that is how co-writer/director Scott Steward describes the film Legion. And that is how the film has been approached by critics. According to various sources the film could provide what was asked for…but instead of a band of angels with machine guns you find one angel with a machine gun in a war that determines the fate of mankind. Actually the movie should have been a matter of a few seconds, but somehow it managed to drag and last 100 minutes.

One would find the film a little funny with absurd ideas and plot premises, but filmmakers know how to present them and keep the audience glued to their seats for that time period plus and asking for more. The featured length movie ‘Legion’ at 2nd position at the box office chart for its first week is about God’s lost faith in humanity. That actually takes place in the middle of nowhere and God sends the Archangel Michael (played by Paul Bettany) to kill the baby that is destined to save mankind otherwise. But Michael disobeys and decides to protect the baby instead and declares that he is giving God what he needs and not what he had asked for. And for his disobedience, God sends his armies of angels to fight this one man army and complete the task which Michael won’t let happen.

The occupants of the diner include Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton, Tyrese Gibson, Kate Walsh, Lucas Black, Adrianne Palicki and Willa Holland. Bettany is getting loads of credit for the role though his choice of signing films is known to all. This is his first movie role with an action stud plot. Stewart also took the risk of co-writing the film with Peter Schink who has the writing credit of "Gotham Cafe" an adaptation of a Stephen King novel.

Stewart is known as the visual effect master of Hollywood and he has worked in some previous movies like the The Orphanage, Iron Man, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Thus as expected his director debut would be full of enthralling visual effects that would make the movie more like a video game. But the audience have no qualms as long as he entertains them with his ideas.
Overall it is a good movie but it could have been a better piece of work had the plot been a little more closely knit with a bit more flow.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paris, Texas Out on Blu Ray

Criterion has now released ‘Paris, Texas’on Blu-ray and DVD. This is another Wim Wender directed film that promises to reap high returns from the home video collection market. Previously, Criterion released another Wender movie ‘Wings of Desire.’ Both these movies are considered the best works of the German Director and both continue to inspire lot of movie lovers. Though the movies are not meant for general moviegoers, those who have a passion for cinema and understand the world of 72mm can really feel what it means to have seen such beautiful movies.

After watching ‘Paris,Texas’you are surely going to recommend this movie to your friends to check out for the sheer excellence of cinema making. Though I don’t feel inclined to tell you all about the movie here because it may take away the interest of seeing it knowing the plot in advance. However to create some kind of interest, and give you a fair idea how the movie is made and what you can expect from this Blu-ray release, I will narrate the plot a bit as follows:

The movie begins in the middle of a desert where you find a haggard looking and tired man named Travis played by Harry Dean Stanton. You have no idea from where he comes and where he is really going. Travis is then located by his brother and there is a family reunion where the spark of the story begins. The description is beautiful and sparkling and it unfolds naturally. I won’t spoil the rest of the craze by telling everything.

In conclusion, the film portrays human emotions, love, feelings, guilty, sacrifice and jealousy so well that you remain glued to it till the last minute. The charm of Paris, Texas lies in the part that it asks the audiences to follow the story keenly and find answers to few questions. The 147 minute drama needs some patience on your part to see the slightly slow paced story. This may not be a must-watch list of films, but a good pick for those who love to watch works of such great directors like Wender.

You get additional features with the release in Blu-ray like the interviews with Allison Anders, Claire Dennis, and also the director himself. There is another 23 minute documentary titled "The Road to Paris, Texas" that you get along with the movie in any version DVD or Blu-ray.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow and Hubby Chris Martin Confront Angry Neighbors with Third Home!

Perhaps people love the movie celebrities on the screens and not near them. There have been lots of stories how celebrity neighbors created troubled for their neighbors – from socialite Paris Hilton to calm and somber movie star Gwyneth Paltrow everyone has caused some kind of trouble to their neighbors.
It has been reported that Gwyneth Paltrow and her hubby Chris Martin have made their neighbors upset after they bought their third house on North London Street, in London. The the movie celebrity couple has caused their neighbors to complain because they plan to create a 10 foot steel security barrier across the premises getting rid of the house’s original wooden fence.
The neighbors are offended over the issue that the fence would make the locality look out of place. While the couple wish to build the steel fence for safety concerns, angry residents of the locality came out with an outburst and complained that the fence is just going to look ridiculous and they plan to object.
"They are turning a Victorian house into a fortress," another householder commented on the issue. The neighbors have also complained that they have taken down trees so they can park their flashy cars in the driveway and are putting a huge swimming pool in the back garden. The celebrities said the trees were diseased but the neighbors think that they can say anything they want and get away with it if have that amount of money and are using their power and riches to get what they want.
Roswitha Gerlitz, another irritated neighbor on London Street also expressed her disapproval of the fencing and said that she can understand that they want their privacy but she thinks it's a bit unnecessary. She thinks the metal fence will look quite hostile and unappealing. She felt that it was useless and said, she doesn’t think it's necessary. Their privacy is respected anyway.
Paltrow and Martin first originally the home in London Street in 2004 from Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes for about $4 million dollars. After that, they added another property there for $5 million dollars that enabled them to create a 33-room super house. Now the newly bought third house is a $700,000 house and they plan to use it as a staff house.
Whatever the residents have to complain, nothing is going to change the plan of the couple. Though they maintained silence in the issue and nothing has been commented on the complaints, it seems that their silence is the answer to their adamant move to erect the steel fence.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brad Pitt buys bachelor pad to get over split from Angelina

The latest buzz for 2010 is that the movie hunk Brad Pitt has secretly bought a bachelor pad to help him sort out and get over the blues of his split from Angelina Jolie. It was reported by many channels and sources that the 46 year old movie actor has spent nearly $1,130,000 on the bachelor pad which is complete, in the Hollywood Hills!
A source close to the movie actor says that the house oozes character. Brad has had his eye on it for some time but he decided now was the right time to buy because he wanted a place to call his own. He further added, that he needs somewhere quiet that doesn't have memories of Angie and where he can be alone and think about what he does next.
The bachelor pad is an old home built in 1920 and was originally for sale at price for $2.1million but Brad got it at much lower price. The house has a bar area, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms along with other spacious area and the cave is built into the foundations. Pictures of the cave and the house are thronging around the websites.
There is, however, more news in the split story. It was reported by a source that to save the split of the most celebrated movie couple of Hollywood, Pitt’s mother Jane has stepped in. She is trying her best to save the relationship of Pitt with Jolie. It is said that Jane will be trying to put her skills and experience she learnt while acting as family counselor when she would meet Angelina Jolie next week. But the time and venue is not known yet.
It is said that Jane, the 70-year-old mother of Pitt is apparently very close to Jolie and their bonding worked quite well when they together set up a cancer care center. But rumor bills have said that in heart she always favored Pitt’s previous wife Jennifer Anniston and wished her to be with Pitt.
Reports say that Brad Pitt and Jolie had already enlisted their respective lawyers to negotiate the split of their $400 million fortune and also the custody of their children. Yet, a close family source said that Brad is desperately trying to cling on to the wreckage of the relationship as he is still is very much in love with Angelina and believes they can make it work.
Meanwhile in there are reports that close sources are claiming the split as ‘totally false’ and that the glam couple are very much together and would remain so. There is no rift between their personal lives and that everything is fine between them. Now only time will tell what is true and what is false!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

George Clooney's Haiti Telethon Breaks Fundraising Records!

The Haiti telethon, a brainchild of host and movie star George Clooney for Haiti earthquake victims has been able to gather $58 million funds thus far for providing rehabilitation and restoration of the poor country. This fund raiser is said to have shattered all records for no such money has ever been raised by such an initiative. Hollywood has shown a really generous touch with this fund raising program.
This star-studded event not only had the who’s who of Hollywood but also from the musical fraternity doing their best to create awareness of the tragedy that happened to shatter lives of millions in Haiti. From the musical side there were Madonna singing a sad but melodious tune; Chris Martin playing piano at his best and crooning to the tunes, and Jennifer Hudson did her best rendition of the Beatles’ ‘Let it Be!’
Overall Mr. Clooney's Haiti telethon breaks fundraising records and has proved that when it comes to star power, this UN “movie” ambassador for peace is there to extend his help to the biggest extent of his power. In the event musical acts were performed by popular artists like Bono, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Haitian native Wyclef Jean and Mary J Blige. The spectacular event proved the humane side of popular movie stars and their unity when it comes to providing help to humankind.
Meanwhile other movie celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg and others, spoke to callers and also opened their wallets with great generosity for the event. DiCaprio donated $1 million for the fund which brought in praises from all quarters including former Presidents of the United States – Mr. Bill Clinton and Mr. George W. Bush. They showed their goodness of hearts by extending all possibly help to the victims and the Haiti Government.
‘The George Clooney-Organized Hope for Haiti Now: a Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief telethon’ was aired on countless networks so that common people can watch and also extend their help. The event was aired on MTV, ABC, NBC, Fox, and other networks.
This worldwide benefit was hosted by Clooney in Los Angeles and Wyclef Jean in New York where legends took to the stage for their attempt at goodwill. And the good news is that though the telethon is over with its collection breaking records, there is news that funds were still pouring in and are expected to cross and even exceed a good mark. iTunes too showed its generosity by providing all the songs sung in the event by the famous movie actors for a mere 99-cents per song.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ultimately Avatar Becomes the Biggest Movie Ever!

Just a few days back there was an argument and discussion going around – can Avatar beat the record collection of Titanic? To which the director James Cameron himself nodded a negative. However the 3-D magic ‘Avatar’ ultimately succeeded in beating the Oscar-winning film ‘Titanic’ in the run for the highest grosser in the international market. Now, its waiting on potentially a few awards in the Upcoming Academy Awards Event.

According to various sources, the film, till the last weekend, had been able to gross USD 1.29 billion at the international box office according to producers Fox, that surpassed the ‘Titanic' mark of USD 1.24 billion. It has now set a new record and has proved itself as the highest earner ever in movie history.

But that’s not the end of the film’s run and the statistic bosses were of the opinion that if everyday goes well, the film would be able to cross the worldwide gross of Titanic $1.848 billion to become the biggest money-maker of all-time and it has as of January 26th, 2010.

‘Avatar’, which grossed USD 36 million domestically till last weekend reports for sixth straight weeks has now hit a box office record surpassing Titanic for worldwide sales. It blew past ‘The Dark Knight’ record to grab the second place of domestic grosser list. Fox Executive Chris Aronson said, “Milestones like this are great. Its part of an amazing ride the film has taken us on. But this film is still just captivating audiences on global basis.”
While discussing about the prediction of Avatar to make new records, James Cameron, the director of the movie said, “I don't think it's realistic to try to topple 'Titanic' off its perch. Some pretty good movies have come out in the last few years. 'Titanic' just struck some kind of chord.”

Tough Titanic was still sailing ahead in domestic grossing record but, now overall worldwide collection of Avatar has surpassed the ruler for all these years. Final figures are still waiting to come in. Variety has confirmed that Fox has confirmed that Avatar has crossed the mark of Titanic and will also move more ahead of it in the future.

It is a significant moment for the producers and the director of Avatar. Because as expected, it delivered. Much was also expected from 2012 but it could not touch the hearts of people like Avatar and the blue glittering heroes of James Cameron.

With the success of the movie it is said that China has renamed a central china mountain after the US blockbuster which also let off a powerful box office record.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pernell Roberts-In Memoriam

Pernell Roberts, star of popular TV series such as Bonanza and Trapper John MD, Died  today at the age of 81 years. He had contracted cancer and lost his battle with it this week.

As a child growing up, I had long been fond of the popular TV series Bonanza, where Pernell played the dashing Adam Cartwright. The show has become an American Icon over the years. Pernell also starred later in the the popular TV series, Trapper John M.D which aired from 1970-1986. One of his last roles was in the 2001 episode of Diagnonsis: Murder.

I know that I will dearly miss this actor as he was a great contributor to the TV industry, with his warm on-screen demeanor which was so endearing to the American public. Pernell will be Missed!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Purchasing Movies on The Internet

One can always buy all kind of movies from the Internet. The biggest entertainment on the internet is to buy movies easily through debit or credit cards. This facility was never available before with such convenience and access. This is actually very good for and very interesting to moviegoers. One of the best methods is to buy movies through online sources. There are plenty of websites which sell movies through these types of sources. Secondly, the cost of movies is very low compared to the prices of DVDs or VCDs. Furthermore, watching a movie in the theatre takes alot of time, money and energy to sit and watch.

Some movies, however, are good to watch only in theatres while others can be watched anywhere that is either at home in your home theatre, on your laptop, or in your PC. Buying movies through online sources is one of the easiest methods, with the fact that once your pay the price of a movie of your choice, you can immediately download the movie into your computer and watch it.

There are many people who want to watch the latest movie releases and want to stay ahead of it in regards to watching movies. This is quite common among moviegoers. Because young people today, draw lots of entertainment and fun from movies, and in this way, they wish to watch the movie either on the first day of the release or want to buy the movie and watch it on the computer. For instance Sherlock Holmes, one of the latest movie releases has earned alot of praise from audience. This is due to fact that there are people who are watching the movie in theatres while others are purchasing online and watching it at home. This alternative method of buying movies is quite convenient and there is no loss of revenue for the movie production company.

As the demand is on the increase for now, the future also will be taking up by many copies of movies getting sold through online sources such as movie websites.

The internet has now advanced to a great extent and almost every purchase is made possible through online internet sources. Movies being the biggest household entertainer, buying movies through the internet offers a great amount of safety, security and it’s a very convenient method of bringing lots of entertainment to audiences of all types.

The view the website with all of your entertainment and box office information Click Here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Was the Message From The Movie Avatar?

Avatar is quickly growing to be the expected box office phenomenon is was predicted to be. Why wouldn't it? James Cameron directed it!

The movie gives us everything we ask for in a science fiction drama. Action, story, great cinematography, great animation. But what about underlying message? I think everyone can agree that James Cameron intended there be a message given in this movie, but what exactly is it? Well, as I watched the movie for the second time this weekend, I had a chance to contemplate just that.

In my opinion, the message in this movie was targeted towards global conservation. As I watched the destruction scenes in the movie, I couldn’t help from likening it to what man is doing to our coveted natural resources on this planet. For instance, the consortium(the corporation) which had made deals with several South American countries to allow them to plow a road right through the Amazon forest(Pandora) in search of oil and precious metals(Unubtanium) killing every trace of plant life in its way, not to mention "relocation" of any indigenous population(Na’vi) in the way.

Its so sad, but in my opinion, this is a true analogy. So go ahead..if you haven’t already and see Avatar. Watch the movie unwind into the great spectacle it is, and ponder upon the similarities of what happens on Pandora to what reality is today on the world scene.

To discuss this further , you may post below or visit my new website, SeekingMovies.Com

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Johnny Depp opening the 2010 International Film Festival Küstendorf in Mokra Gora, Serbia

The 3rd annual International Film Festival Küstendorf organized by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica was opened by the unveiling of the statue of Johnny Depp on January 13th, 2010. The famous American actor who portrayed the Axel character in Kusturica's movie Arizona Dream (1993) is this year's honorary guest and promoter of the festival with the Golden Egg (Zlatno jaje) as the main price for the best film. The opening ceremony and the introduction speech was followed by screening of a short movie in honor of Jonny Depp. He will play the Mexican revolutionary hero Pancho Villa in Kusturica's new movie Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers with some scenes filmed in the Mokra Gora.

Over 300 films of young filmmakers and students of filmschools from all over the globe applied to the competition program and diversity of genres and themes as well as high quality are guaranteed. The International Jury featuring Marjane Satrapi as the President of the Jury, Sara Driver and Jonathan Weisgal will award the best three movies with Bronze, Silver and Golden Eggs. The "Retrospective of Greatness" of this years' festival is dedicated to Johnny Depp presenting three of his most famous and most remarkable movies - Edward Scissorhands, Arizona Dream and Donnie Brasco. You can watch the mentioned Johnny Depp movie previews which have grossed over $2,3 billion at the box office on which also offers thousands of the latest as well as the oldest production movies in its movie store.

The Contemporary Trends program features some the best films released in 2009 including About Elly by Asghar Farhadi winning the Best Director Award at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival, Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin winning the Special Jury Prize at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival, The Time That Remains by Elia Suleiman winning the Jury Grand Prize at the 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Farewell by Christian Carion starring Emir Kusturica, Tsar by Pavel Lungin, Buried Secrets by Raja Amari and The Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch.

The Evergreen program will present the animated film Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud winning the Jury Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Best First Work and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2008 César Awards and the Rogers People's Choice Award for the Most Popular International Film at the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival, and the Czech masterpiece from 1964 If a Thousand Clarinets  by Jan Rohač and Vladimir Svitaček.  

Friday, January 15, 2010

Movie Forum Is Finally Up and Running!

Well...I finally completed the set-up of the movie forum for Lots of work, but well worth it.I have included more than 10 categories for users to select from when wanting to make a movie post.We are starting to get our first members to sign up this week, and it seems to be growing(which is delighting). So..if you havent already..go over...take your shoes off, browse around the site, and register for the forum and get posting! We would love to have you on board! More to come...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SeekingMovies.Com Grand Opening

Hello All,

I want to introduce myself, My name is Andre Barde and Ive been a movie fan/buff for over 20 years. Ever since I saw Star Wars in 1977 at the Mayflower theater in Eugene Oregon, Ive been hooked to movies.

Over the years I have toggled back and forth between internet movie sites in order to get the skinny on upcoming movies, view trailers, post on forums, buy movies, and to generally look up movie stats/facts and figures. I always found it frustrating that there was no one site that had kind of a one-stop-show for everything, so what did I decide to do? You guessed it, I built my own ! A site where anyone seeking the best all-in one movie site can go to get the following services and information:

* Browse the most recent movie trailers for free
* Lookup quick stats/facts on all published movies (foreign and domestic)
* Buy your favorite movies at the best price from our shopping page
*Post or read up on your favorite movie topics on our Users Forum
*Look up the most recent movie articles/reviews written by me as well as other authors
*Look up box office movie times and locations based on your zipcode
*Links/access to this blog as well as the Twitter page where the followers are growing steadily.

Well..thats the scoop for now. Please bookmark this site as Ill be updating it weekly with new blog comments and recently updated movie information and stay tuned!



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