Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SeekingMovies.Com Grand Opening

Hello All,

I want to introduce myself, My name is Andre Barde and Ive been a movie fan/buff for over 20 years. Ever since I saw Star Wars in 1977 at the Mayflower theater in Eugene Oregon, Ive been hooked to movies.

Over the years I have toggled back and forth between internet movie sites in order to get the skinny on upcoming movies, view trailers, post on forums, buy movies, and to generally look up movie stats/facts and figures. I always found it frustrating that there was no one site that had kind of a one-stop-show for everything, so what did I decide to do? You guessed it, I built my own ! A site where anyone seeking the best all-in one movie site can go to get the following services and information:

* Browse the most recent movie trailers for free
* Lookup quick stats/facts on all published movies (foreign and domestic)
* Buy your favorite movies at the best price from our shopping page
*Post or read up on your favorite movie topics on our Users Forum
*Look up the most recent movie articles/reviews written by me as well as other authors
*Look up box office movie times and locations based on your zipcode
*Links/access to this blog as well as the Twitter page where the followers are growing steadily.

Well..thats the scoop for now. Please bookmark this site as Ill be updating it weekly with new blog comments and recently updated movie information and stay tuned!



To visit my new website, please Click Here

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