Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paris, Texas Out on Blu Ray

Criterion has now released ‘Paris, Texas’on Blu-ray and DVD. This is another Wim Wender directed film that promises to reap high returns from the home video collection market. Previously, Criterion released another Wender movie ‘Wings of Desire.’ Both these movies are considered the best works of the German Director and both continue to inspire lot of movie lovers. Though the movies are not meant for general moviegoers, those who have a passion for cinema and understand the world of 72mm can really feel what it means to have seen such beautiful movies.

After watching ‘Paris,Texas’you are surely going to recommend this movie to your friends to check out for the sheer excellence of cinema making. Though I don’t feel inclined to tell you all about the movie here because it may take away the interest of seeing it knowing the plot in advance. However to create some kind of interest, and give you a fair idea how the movie is made and what you can expect from this Blu-ray release, I will narrate the plot a bit as follows:

The movie begins in the middle of a desert where you find a haggard looking and tired man named Travis played by Harry Dean Stanton. You have no idea from where he comes and where he is really going. Travis is then located by his brother and there is a family reunion where the spark of the story begins. The description is beautiful and sparkling and it unfolds naturally. I won’t spoil the rest of the craze by telling everything.

In conclusion, the film portrays human emotions, love, feelings, guilty, sacrifice and jealousy so well that you remain glued to it till the last minute. The charm of Paris, Texas lies in the part that it asks the audiences to follow the story keenly and find answers to few questions. The 147 minute drama needs some patience on your part to see the slightly slow paced story. This may not be a must-watch list of films, but a good pick for those who love to watch works of such great directors like Wender.

You get additional features with the release in Blu-ray like the interviews with Allison Anders, Claire Dennis, and also the director himself. There is another 23 minute documentary titled "The Road to Paris, Texas" that you get along with the movie in any version DVD or Blu-ray.

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