Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Was the Message From The Movie Avatar?

Avatar is quickly growing to be the expected box office phenomenon is was predicted to be. Why wouldn't it? James Cameron directed it!

The movie gives us everything we ask for in a science fiction drama. Action, story, great cinematography, great animation. But what about underlying message? I think everyone can agree that James Cameron intended there be a message given in this movie, but what exactly is it? Well, as I watched the movie for the second time this weekend, I had a chance to contemplate just that.

In my opinion, the message in this movie was targeted towards global conservation. As I watched the destruction scenes in the movie, I couldn’t help from likening it to what man is doing to our coveted natural resources on this planet. For instance, the consortium(the corporation) which had made deals with several South American countries to allow them to plow a road right through the Amazon forest(Pandora) in search of oil and precious metals(Unubtanium) killing every trace of plant life in its way, not to mention "relocation" of any indigenous population(Na’vi) in the way.

Its so sad, but in my opinion, this is a true analogy. So go ahead..if you haven’t already and see Avatar. Watch the movie unwind into the great spectacle it is, and ponder upon the similarities of what happens on Pandora to what reality is today on the world scene.

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