Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mission Impossible 3 reaches record sales in Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray is a technological marvel in the world of movies and entertainment as the format can hold nearly six times of what a DVD can hold. It has brought a revolution to movie watching at home. In just a small span of time Blu-Ray has been able to catch the attention of movie audiences. Lots of popular movies have been released in HD DVD,a competing format. There are many movies that have been released in Blu-ray and few other consumer movie formats can reach the popularity of Blu-ray. There is one movie which has achieved record sales on Blu-ray and that is none other than agent Ethan Hunt’s Mission Impossible 3.

Mission Impossible 3 once released in Blu-ray began flying off the shelves and reached thousands of homes. It has actually becoming harder to find in Blu-ray due to the high volume of Blu-ray sales. One report indicated that nearly 35,000 Blu-ray discs have been sold in a period of days. This is a record for Blu-ray discs. With such record sales it seems that Blu-ray’s future is getting brighter and brighter, and Tom Cruise is still a reigning star among audiences.

The record sale of Mission Impossible 3 proves that this hunk as agent Ethan Hunt is loved by movie audiences and they love to see him in action doing his typical spine chilling actions.

Mission Impossible 3 is an action powered, entertainment film filled with adrenaline pumping action scenes where you will find Ethan Hunt no longer doing his field work of completing missions but training agents instead. He has already developed a kind of personal life and is engaged to Julia(his fiance) who doesn’t know the true nature of the work her would-be husband does.

While during his engagement, the spy has been assigned yet another mission impossible and he chooses to accept and reunites with his buddy Luther. Along the way of the plot, new members of the team Hunt and Luther set out to complete the mission where they need to rescue a kidnapped agent and bring down the evil villain Owen.

As the movie progresses, Julia learns that her husband has nothing to do with his alleged job when she gets taken hostage by Owen Davian who loves killing people rather than engaging in small talk. Now Owen wants Hunt to do what he wants otherwise his wife will be murdered. Hunt is given 48 hours to complete the mission. Will he able to do that and rescue Julia? Find out in the Blu-ray Mission Impossible 3.

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