Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movie Star Leonardo DiCaprio’s Slashing Suspect, Will Face Trial

A crazy story is finally heading for conclusion in court! It is reported that former model Aretha Wilson, 39 has been taken into custody in Ontario and will be extradited to the United States. Apparently , Aretha went berserk on Leonardo DiCaprio sometime in 2005 at some house party hosted by Pamela Anderson’s recent ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon in the Hollywood Hills. The resulting slash on his face with a cocktail glass and the injury was so grave that DiCaprio had to get 17 itches from face to ear.

At that time, she was arrested and charged for an assault with a deadly weapon that could take one’s life. But she was out on bail and she clandestinely fled the country. TMZ reported that she proceeded with the same event with her boyfriend as well when she smashed a glass bottle on his head. According to a filing by the Los Angeles County prosecutor, DiCaprio is expected to testify that Aretha swung a drinking glass at him at the party in June of 2005. Wilson at that time was involved with one of DiCaprio’s friends and the actor told authorities that she started shouting profanities at him and he replied with expectations that she would stop that.

But she became more agitated and aggressive. And as he tried to walk away she splashed that glass of cocktail on his back. As DiCaprio turned to face Wilson he saw Wilson swinging the glass that stuck the left side of his face.

For a long time she escaped the hands of law, but how long? She was finally arrested and extradited to the US. She might have thought that after five years law would forget her and wouldn’t be able to catch her.

Just last week she was taken into custody in Ontario, Canada
and it is said that she agreed to come to the US to face the legal battle and trouble against her.

Right now what fate has in its store for Aretha is uncertain.What DiCaprio has to say to her arrest is not known as the actor was not available for comment on the matter. Has DiCaprio forgiven Aretha? Will he come to the courtroom or what will happen still remains a mystery.
All we can do is wait for the day the court makes a decision and give a hearing. Poor Aretha
she must have been passing some mental sickness to do that to such a handsome hunk!

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